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The Nutty Squirrel

Ned is nutty about all things nuts. He has devoted his life to nutting other than finding the finest quality nuts from all around the world. Ned hopes that one day you will be as nutty as he is for delicious nuts.

Nutty Squirrel - About
Check out nutty Ned’s Nutalicious Products / Ned’s on the hunt for the finest nuts


Ned's on the hunt

for the finest nuts

Armed with his mag-nutt-fying glass and two front chompers, Ned scurries across the globe to find the highest quality produce and flavour combinations to turn every consumer into a nuttoisseur.


Check out nutty Ned's

Nutalicious Products

Below is our current range of trail mixes and nuts with standard sizes of 42g & 35g respectively. Our packs are all delicious health superstars with the Almond and Cashew packs carefully designed to qualify for the green category in the traffic light system.


42g Trail Mix with Cranberry & the Finest Belgian Chocolate

Nutting but the finest mix of Cranberries, nuts, delicious dried fruits & Belgian chocolate.


42g Trail Mix with Blueberry & the Finest Belgian Chocolate

Nutting but the finest mix of roasted nuts, delicious dried fruits & Belgian chocolate.


35g Oven Roasted Almonds

Beautifully oven roasted Australian grown almonds – no oil, no salt, nothing but almonds!


35g Dry Roasted Cashews with no added oils, low in calories and fat!

Nutting but the finest selection of beautifully dry roasted cashew nuts.



Countertop Display Boxes

Our countertop boxes contain 15 delicious packs and fold up easily for display.


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tastes better

Nutty Ned is relentlessly looking for new flavours and combinations to tantilise your taste buds. So stay tuned for new flavours announcements coming soon! We also cater to individual requirements, give us a call to discuss your nutty needs 02 8065 8121.

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